Fab Connections creates business opportunities for individuals and labs in the FabLab network

Job placement

We provide companies worldwide with expertise into digital fabrication, design, electronics and education. If you are part of the Fab Lab Network you can propose yourself as an expert.

Providing solutions

We offer team building and research groups for solving business and social problems. Are you looking for an exceptional team formed by exceptional talents for your project?

Worldwide Education

We select the best workshops held in FabLabs around the world and help people arrange their dream educational holiday in some of the world's best locations.

Latest opportunities

Shopbot has internships available! Email your interest & skills.
Have you seen the new Roland CNC mill and 3Dprinter? Want to have one? If you have a great idea that can be made with one of these machines, contact us for more information!

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Recent projects

European Maker Camp

A mind-blowing experience on learning by making

A race against the clock to learn and fabricate in a diverse program based on technology, processes and tools in digital fabrication while travelling across Europe in an intensive six-week journey.

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Executive Workshops

All the knowledge of the network distilled for companies and professionals

Programs that expose business leadership to the transformative journey into digital fabrication and the impact this is having on today’s business models.

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Providing solutions

Experts and Work groups for problem solving

We source solution providers from the global Fab Lab network. We pick right skills and knowledge to meet your business needs while keeping a keen eye on deadlines, budgets and outcomes.

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About us

Fab Connection’s mission is to help those in the network connect to make a living - especially with external markets. It does aim to make a profit, but it injects this profit back into the (Fab) ecosystem it is part of, instead of paying shareholders.

Fab Connections strives to create opportunities for existing Fab Labs and companies to work together in multiple configurations, always with the idea of supporting new projects and labs, or the education of new people.

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